Divine Domestic Cleaning Services - A Healthier Cleaner Greener Home!!!!!

Do something special for your wife, mother, daughter, sister, or even your friend!!!

Give them something special where they can kick back, relax, and enjoy a wonderful clean home..
Purchase one of our gift certificates and surprise them with the best house cleaning in town!!! 

You get a team of two great cleaners for the price of one!!!!
We bring our own suppies & eqipment!!!
10% off for miltary veterens, teachers, & public service employees with proper ID!!!
Providing service Monday-Saturday
2 Hours- $85.00
3 Hours- $120.00
4 Hours- $155.00
These prices can not be used on a Move-Out Service!!!!
These Prices DO NOT include:
Inside Appliance
Wet Wash Blinds
Wet Wash Baseboards
Wet Wash Window Sills
Please See our Ad-On Services for prices listed in the Domestic Services
Don't have time to clean up or set!!!! Let Us take care of that for you so you can focus on your family and other important things!!!!
Each Package is minimum 2 hours!!!!
(no exceptions)
These rates are based on homes under 3,000 sq ft
Maintenance Cleaning Only
Set-Up Only $45.00 per hour
Tear-Down & Put Away $45.00 per hour
Clean Home & Set-Up $85.00 per hour
Tear Down, Put Away, & Clean Home After Party $75.00 per hour
Set-Up & Tear-Down Only $70.00 per hour
Clean Home, Set-Up, Tear-Down, & Clean Home After Party $285.00
(3 hours clean home/set up & 2 hours tear down/clean home after)
We do organizing!!!!!!
Sometimes it can take an entire day or sometimes days to organize you areas of you home!! Let us take that off your hands for:
 $35.00 per hour!!! **inside home only** 
(minimum 2 hours)
Divine Domestic Cleaning Service offer affordable RV Cleaning Rates
Please Check out our Rates and Cleaning Checklist!!!!
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